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Corporate Testimonials

Here’s what people are saying about Kinetic Fuel.


“Working with Julie and Kinetic Fuel has proven to be a great decision for Denham Capital. The impact of employee wellness on productivity is well documented. We enlisted the services of Julie and Kinetic Fuel to customize a food and drink plan for our employees across three different offices. Julie created weekly, monthly goals, provided personal consultations, education workshops and most importantly made the whole process fun! She also worked with a designated employee at each office on meal plans as well as stocking our offices with healthy choices for our team. I can recommend Julie without reservation for employers who are focused on the well being of their employees and who understand the impact that diet and exercise can have on creating a productive work environment.”

Stu Porter
Founder and CEO
Dedham Capital Management


“What started out as a personal journey with Julie to optimize my health and body composition turned into a company wide initiative at Feldman. Since health is one of our core values, we brought Kinetic Fuel in for an early morning nutrition presentation which led to individual consultations with about 18 interested employees. The initiative has continued to grow and Julie has helped numerous members of our team learn what, when and how to eat in order to fuel their bodies and brains for the rigor of their jobs and the enjoyment of their lives. Julie currently serves as part of our team of Management Advisors.”

Michael Feldman
President and CEO
Feldman Surveyors


“Julie’s lunch and learn presentation was fantastic – She was authentic, incredibly knowledgeable, and gave great examples that worked for elite athletes as well as those that might sit behind a desk all day. Her event was very well received and attended at our company and everyone was engaged and asking questions. We would love to have her back in the future.”

Emily Dahlen
Director of Finance & Assistant Treasurer
Geode Capital Management


“At Salus Capital, we believe businesses have a responsibility to ensure the health and wellness of family, our “Salus family” and to play an active role where we can to influence the same in our broader community. I was truly inspired by Julie and her approach at Kinetic Fuel in helping us to invest further in healthy, happy employees and to launch our health and wellness initiative this year. My focus was not an initiative to reduce health care costs but rather to simply do the right thing; something great for our employees. The success we’ve enjoyed and the way in which our employees have embraced the various programs and overall initiative have far surpassed my expectations and without Kinetic Fuel, we could not have achieved our goals. Most importantly, we feel great and the program has inspired many to work hard, play hard and to focus on a well-balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle.”

Andrew H. Moser
President and CEO
Salus Capital Partners


“When AGC hired Julie Nicoletti, we very simply wanted to improve the short term and long term health and overall energy of our employee base. We were hopeful that many of the employees of the firm would sign up for her voluntary nutritional assistance. As it turned out 75% of the firm signed on with Julie and the feedback on her performance was nothing short of outstanding. At a minimum she educated each AGC employee on what they were eating and how to eat better. In all cases, employees are eating better and working out more. Talking about what you eat and what you do to stay in shape is not easy, but Julie has such a friendly and persuasive way with people that she makes it easy. Julie Nicoletti is now a long term part of AGC’s better health initiative.”

M. Benjamin Howe
Chief Executive Office
AGC Partners


”Establishing a Corporate wellness program was a priority for Blue Hills Bank. As an organization, investing in our most valuable assets (our employees) is of great importance. Julie has helped us launch a successful program. The level of support Julie has provided has benefited our company tremendously and the recipes, weight-loss support/contests, nutrition counseling, wellness tips and coordination of smoking cessation programs have been very well received and appreciated thanks to Julie’s commitment to health. It is from the bottom of my heart when I say “Thank You Julie!!"“

Michelle L
SVP/Human Resources
Blue Hills Bank


“When my wife and I initially contacted Julie from Kinetic Fuel to utilize her services I was nervous the plan would not fit within our busy lives. Our daughter was 6 weeks old and we were adjusting to being new parents. Additionally, as a business owner, it is a part of my life to have lunch meetings, dinner on the road, hosting clients at night and working long hours at the office. I was skeptical she could work with our specific needs to create a plan, but she did. Instead of merely providing a meal plan, she educated us on how to improve our relationship with food and create a lifestyle change that encompassed a holistic approach to diet. She helped hold us accountable while still allowing us to make better, informed choices. My wife and I work out every morning but did not see the fruits of our labor until working with Julie. We both reduced our body fat percentage with my wife starting at 21.0 and ending at 17.3 while I started at 18.2 and ending at 10.9%. We highly recommend Julie’s services and thank her for her help in fueling our bodies.”

Dennis & Kristine Colwell
Dennis Colwell Architects, Inc.
Foxboro, MA


“Julie is amazing. Our company hired her as part of our benefits package to work with us on individual nutrition and fitness goals. We tracked my eating habits, exercise routines, sleeping habits, body fat percentage, etc. and met regularly to discuss and make adjustments. Julie is very supportive and her positive attitude toward a healthy lifestyle is absolutely addictive; after talking with her for just 5 minutes, you realize those daunting goals are not only achievable but significantly less intimidating. Julie will teach you how to make lifestyle changes so you can reach your goals and then maintain them. Even though I'm no longer with Denham, I continue to practice clean eating and healthy habits.Not only have I lost inches and gained beautiful muscle, but I also just feel…better – cleaner, more energetic, sharper, confident…happier. Working with Julie and learning how to take care of myself has undeniably been one of the best life lessons I've learned.”

Vanessa C.
Executive Assistant
Formerly of Denham Capital Management