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Julie Nicoletti and Kinetic Fuel team up with the Boston Bruins for the third season in 2017-2018. Click here to read the article and watch the video.  Click Here to read the article and watch the video.

Julie Nicoletti and Kinetic Fuel team up with the Boston Bruins for the third season in 2017-2018. Click here to read the article and watch the video. Click Here to read the article and watch the video.

The Bruins are excited to be teaming up with Julie Nicoletti and Kinetic Fuel to provide the optimal performance based sports nutrition to all of our players. Proper nutrition and education are essential and uniquely linked to each individual player. Kinetic Fuel will be supplying the Boston Bruins with the most up-to-date knowledge that is necessary to gain an edge and increase player performance.

Don Sweeney
General Manager, Boston Bruins


You have raised the bar with this team. In my 39 years in media, I never have observed such an A/B example of raised player awareness about off-the-ice choices that has made a tangible difference in results. There is no doubt in my mind that this team recovered better, had fewer inflammation-related nagging aches and pains, and had more muscle power available than the Bruins did before you arrived. This club is ready to take a run at it next season and for a few more after that, and you are an integral part of why it is ahead of schedule.

Jack Edwards
NESN Broadcaster
Play-by-Play for the Boston Bruins


Julie has played a crucial role in dozens of my elite athletes success. She has a unique understanding of sports nutrition and how it relates to athletic performance. I have seen dramatic changes in her clients body composition, energy levels, and overall performance which leads me to highly recommend any serious athlete to consider using Kinetic Fuel to elevate your game.

Brian McDonough
Edge Performance Systems


Mind, body and spirit. As athletes, we have to feed each of these with the best nutrition that is tailored to our individual improvement. Every athlete is unique. Julie Nicoletti, Kinetic Fuel Performance Based Nutrition, has honed in on the program that is optimal for me to play at the highest level. Julie’s proprietary approach will continue to fuel my performance in the pros and I highly recommend her services.

Paul Rabil
Boston Cannons Midfielder #99
US Mens National Team Player
6x MLL first team All-Pro, 3x MVP
4x USIL All-American, 2x National Champion, NCAA Midfielder of the Year & Johns Hopkins all-time leading point scorer as a midfielder


Competitive figure skating is a highly athletic and aesthetic sport requiring extraordinary fitness levels and the correct nutrition to support the strenuous training. Julie has helped many nationally and internationally competitive figure skaters in the greater Boston area reach their fueling and body composition goals with healthy and personalized nutrition programs. She has also helped a number of skaters across the country; so do not despair if you are not local. She is accessible, generous and genuinely wants to see each of her clients meet and sustain their nutrition goals. The skaters using her program look and feel great! I highly recommend her and Kinetic Fuel’s nutrition services for your athletes and also for yourself, if you are looking to get back on track.

Kat Arbour, PhD, MPT, CSCS
Owner, Ice Dynamics
Awarded US Olympic Committee's Sport Science Coach of the Year - Doc Councilman


Hey Julie, hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know that we had a tournament in Middlebury this weekend, and I ended up winning both the singles and doubles tournament. I played eight grueling matches in two days, and I didn't cramp in any of them! Thanks a lot for helping me with my nutrition. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life, and I feel a lot faster on court. Thanks again!

Ben Biswas
Tufts University Tennis


Thank you for such a great nutrition talk. You nailed it! Everything you offered was relevant and useful to our team. I keep overhearing the girls as they are heading into practice from a meal discussing their choices and planning on shopping for proper snack foods. 

Thanks again and I hope to see you at one of our games.

Jill Reeve
Head Coach, Brown University Field Hockey
Olympian, USA Field Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee


I just want to take a moment and let you know that you have made a huge impact on the students you meet and talk with here at Moses Brown. In my 33 years of teaching I have never seen students react so positively to a nutritionist- In fact on Wednesday after the Wellness workshops, I asked my students what take away they had for the day; your message was mentioned more than others. In fact one student said “I want to do what she does” which was followed by a resounding yea from others. So thank you for doing what you do.

Joyce Hooley-Bartlett
Science Teacher, Middle School and Upper School Divisional Leader
Director, Academic Commons
Former Squash Coach, Moses Brown School


THANK YOU for coming to speak to the Nobles Girls Lacrosse program. The casual comments that I have heard from the girls since our meeting tell me that they really enjoyed your presentation and found our time with you immensely helpful. Throughout this week many of them would make comments on the "choices" they had made. From my perspective, I think you gave them some really helpful information that they can incorporate realistically into their daily lives. Also, I think you gave many girls validation of good choices they already make.

Meg Cleary-Hamilton
Nobles Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach


Kinetic Fuel and Julie Nicoletti provide comprehensive and personal nutrition counseling for young athletes who aspire to get to the next level. She has been an important resource for players in the New England Ruffnecks baseball program for several years. Players who have tapped into Julie's knowledge and approach have seen results in their performance and in their body composition. Even some of the parents have engaged Kinetic Fuel for their own benefit. Julie is one of a kind, and very involved in each client's progress. She is great!

Steve August 
Director of New England Ruffnecks Baseball


As a board certified physician in sports medicine, I know the value of proper nutrition and optimal weight.  But as a busy professional I was finding it impossible to practice what I was preaching to my patients.  After meeting with Julie I learned some tips and techniques that worked incredibly well.  With a solid Kinetic Fuel plan, not only was it easier than I thought it would be, but as Julie promised, I found that I eliminated my midmorning hunger induced headaches and have much more consistent energy.  Without starving myself at all I look and feel better, improved my blood pressure, and stopped snoring!  Thank you so much, Julie!

Michael J. O'Brien, MD
Board Certified Sports Medicine, Internal Medicine
Childrens Hospital, Boston
Harvard Medical School


Despite playing my sport at the highest levels, I had never made a commitment to fueling my body correctly to feel and play my best. Since I began working with Julie at Kinetic Fuel, I have seen a very tangible increase in my fitness level and performance. The practical steps and guidelines she provided for a "clean diet" have given me more energy in competition and my day to day life. I fully endorse her services to any athlete or person who is interested in feeling and performing their best.

Sarah Bullard
Team Captain and All American, Duke University Womens Lacrosse
United States Womens National Lacrosse Team


Julie is exciting and dynamic, and has worked with several student-athletes on campus around gaining and losing mass in the off season as well as speaking to our freshman and sophomore class about ,” Eating to Compete: Maximizing Energy, Strength, Speed and Power on Game Day.” Julie’s presentation was informative and energetic. Her inviting style made it easy for students to engage in her talk and feel free to ask questions and comment throughout the hour. Her overlap as a pharmacist was extremely helpful in addressing supplement, medical and special dietary needs such as diabetes. She is committed to a holistic lifestyle, which goes beyond her degrees and area of specialization and into her personal fitness. This commitment and behavior modeling continues to teach our students about lifelong learning, nutrition, personal growth and fitness, as she visits our campus periodically. It has been a great pleasure to work with Julie.

Christy J. H. Belisle, M. Ed
Athletic Director, Mount Hope High School, Bristol, RI
Former Lesley University Student-Athlete Academic Coordinator & Professional Advisor


Julie has played such an key role in teaching me the importance of nutrition to fuel my body. Before I worked with her, I didn't realize how such simple and easy changes to your diet can make such a difference in your performance. I could instantly feel a difference in my energy levels and I was able to perform at a much higher level while staying fit and lean. Julie designs specific plans for each of her athletes and helps you find nutritious foods that you enjoy. Thank you so much Julie! I would recommend her to any athlete who wants to reach their full potential and perform at their best.

Thanks so much!

Chelsea Landon
Duke Womens Lacrosse


What would Julie do? is a question I ask myself several times a day. Working with Julie has been life changing for me. She helped me to get camera ready when I shot a yoga video. The work that we did together has changed me for the better and has changed my relationship with food. Julie's educational background as a pharmacist gives her a solid base of knowledge and understanding of supplements, medications and nutrients. My recommendation for using Julie to aid you in nutritional guidance is without hesitation and with much appreciation for the results I received from her services.

Wendy Stone
Pilates Firm, Walpole


Hi Julie,

My football season just ended, and I wanted to thank you again for all your help last summer to get me in the best shape of my life. I have used everything that you taught me about nutrition, fueling and recovery throughout the fall , and I always had plenty of energy and strength to contribute my best effort. You convinced me that "breakfast is non-negotiable," and as a result, I had more my energy during my classes, too. I'm now shifting my focus to the baseball season, and I will certainly refer back to my personalized plan so I will be able to maximize my performance on the mound.

You and Kinetic Fuel made a tremendous difference to me as an athlete, and I really appreciate it!

All the best,


Hi Julie, Thanks for checking in—we miss you! I’m pleased to report that Charlie is off to a great start, and using everything you taught him during every meal and every practice. He makes such good food choices, and has incredible willpower. He is maintaining his weight at 210, and seems to have plenty of energy for football and the rest Nobles demands. I’m sure he’ll check in with you himself when he has a free minute.

Charlie shared that you gave a wonderful presentation during early football. He said you kept them on the edge of their seats for more than 45 minutes—no easy feat! He also said they had all sorts of questions. Thank you on behalf of all the parents!!

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon. It was an honor and a pleasure to work and learn from you…

Nobles Parent


Julie...Thank you! I can't thank you enough for all your wonderful advice and encouragement. You are such a wonderfully positive coach...and an absolute inspiration! I really needed your help and guidance as I just couldn't seem to get it done by myself and you were the difference.

Mother of 3 football players


Dear Julie, 
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me in the last 8 weeks. I had no idea how dramatic a change I would see in my body and my running in such a short time. You played a huge part in my race time improvements. I had been doing all the other work all along, but it wasn’t until I made the dietary changes that I saw immediate results in my race times. This (Boston Marathon 2009) was 28 minutes faster than last year for me, and a PR by a minute over my time from 2000. You were the second phone call I made at the finish line, after my husband, because I am so appreciative for all that you have done for me. I have been chasing a Boston qualifier for 13 years and 13 marathons.

You have been a wonderful guide and support through this journey for me and I am so thankful. My family thanks you too, as our healthy food choices are being embraced by all of us. I wish I had learned to eat this way when I was a kid. Better late than never!

Thanks Julie and Kinetic Fuel for all you have taught me! Marathon #21 (Boston #12) done in 3:53:43, and earned me another BQ for next year! Chased that qualifying time for years, until learning how to eat to compete from Julie in 2009! Best investment I ever made in my training, signing up to work with Julie!

Walpole Marathoner