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Performance Based Nutrition

Athletic Services

Nutritional Services



1:1 individual consultations over an 8-16 week period with the goals of enhancing athletic performance, improving body composition (lean mass: body fat), and preventing injuries. Choose which nutritional plan fits for you.


For active, motivated adults: Nutritional education over 8-16 week period with the goals of weight management, increased energy and improved health and well being. Choose which plan fits for you.

Accountability Phase

For athletes and clients looking to ensure continued success beyond the time of their program, 1/2 hour sessions are available. Sessions may include weight, measurement check, 3 day log review, revisions to original plan, recipes, suggestions for pre/post practice or workout, planning for a long day or eating on the road.

Family Consultation

For families who are ready to improve their health and wellness through nutrition. In home or office consultations available.

Corporate Nutrition

For small businesses and corporations looking for ways to increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and improve the health of employees.

Coaches/Teams/Athletic Directors/Trainers

1 hour presentation to teams or groups of coaches geared toward the age, level and gender of the players, the sport itself and the considerations involved, i.e. playing conditions, weather, travel, timing, tournaments and duration of play. Topics are tailored to the needs of your team. They may include but are not limited to: the importance of eating breakfast, game day fueling and recovery (eating on the bus/road), how to navigate dining services and the confines of dorm living, hydration, general rules of adding lean muscle or reducing body fat, vitamins and supplements.


1 hour presentation to the players and coaches, followed by brief individual player meetings including weight and measurements. Goals and current patterns are discussed. Recommendations for improvement will then be emailed to each player.


Wondering what to make for team dinners or to bring to the team for their bus ride to/from an away game? Wish you knew what to pack for your child's lunch or to make for dinner?