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Performance Based Nutrition

Why Nutrition Focused Wellness?

Employees are a company’s greatest resource and helping them stay healthy is smart business. Nutrition is the most universal way to influence overall health and wellness because everybody eats every day. Learning how to eat healthfully and then being motivated to do so improve the mood, mental clarity, energy levels, body composition and productivity of the workforce while decreasing absenteeism, sick leaves, disability claims and the risk of chronic disease.

Identifying, addressing and reducing health risks before they turn into significant medical expenses are key strategies to reducing skyrocketing company health care costs. 25% of a workforce with chronic illness account for 62% of health care costs. Julie combines her professional training and years working as a registered pharmacist with her experience as a certified sports nutritionist to identify target areas for improvement and customize initiatives. She has created Kinetic Fuel® in the Workplace to deliver meaningful solutions that are both highly effective and easy to implement. 

Approximately 60-70% of all health care costs is related to an unhealthy lifestyle and therefore is preventable with lifestyle modifications. Nutrition is the most logical place to start. By providing nutrition counseling to employees, employers give them a personalized resource to maximize their potential to reach their wellness goals so they can be their very best at work and at home. Investing in the health and wellness of a company’s employees is truly an opportunity for a win-win. 

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