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Julie Nicoletti
Julie Nicoletti
Certified Sports Nutritionist
B.S., R.Ph.
Founder, Kinetic Fuel®
Performance Based Nutrition
Julie Nicoletti is a nationally recognized sports nutritionist who specializes in coaching student and professional athletes to achieve their highest potential—both on and off the field.

Julie provides one on one, personalized nutritional education and counseling to athletes, enabling them to optimize peak athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury.  

Combining her professional training as a registered pharmacist with her experience as a certified sports nutritionist, Julie created Kinetic Fuel®, a customized program, which is both highly effective and easy to follow.

What differentiates Julie’s science-based approach is the emphasis on timing. When we eat is as important as what we eat.

Julie leads Kinetic Fuel workshops for coaches, teams, players and their families on the importance of performance based nutrition. She also consults to professional and elite travel sports teams, specialized camps and works closely with several NCAA Collegiate athletic programs.

Julie writes about sports and nutrition for a number of publications, including the New England Hockey Journal, New England Soccer Journal, and the New England Baseball Journal. She is also the author of several team-specific nutrition guides and works closely with strength and conditioning coaches to customize nutrition programs for athletes.

Julie’s winning formula has worked for the most elite athletes including the 2009 Heisman Trophy Winner and #1 NFL Draft Pick in 2013, and it is equally effective for student athletes who aspire to excel in middle school, high school, collegiate or club sports.

The Kinetic Fuel approach can also be customized for anyone who wants to achieve peak athletic performance, from triathletes to fitness enthusiasts to families committed to staying fit and healthy.

Kinetic Fuel in the Workplace is Julie’s latest initiative. Using the same individualized nutritional counseling model, Julie’s innovative approach in the field of corporate wellness helps employees attain their health or athletic goals while maximizing productivity at work and reducing health care costs.

Always active as a competitive athlete herself, Julie lives what she teaches and loves what she does. She founded Kinetic Fuel in 2008 and recently finished top 25 AG at Iron Man Cozumel.

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